2019 Admission Charges

Children: $5.00 each child

Adults: $10.00 each adult

Cash or cheque only

EFTPOS not yet available


About Public Nights

The observatory is open to the public on the first Wednesday of every month except January. During daylight saving, Public Nights start at 8.30pm. During the rest of the year, they start at 7.30pm. The programme varies depending on the time of year, special astronomical events and the viewing conditions.

Typically, the evening starts with a talk by one of the society members on one of a variety of astronomical topics. This talk is usually illustrated with slides of planets, comets, galaxies and other astronomical objects. After about an hour, weather permitting, we move outside or up into the dome to view the sky through the telescopes.

Society members are on hand to position the telescopes, guide you around the sky and to answer any questions.

Please dress appropriately for the outside temperature