Welcome to the Hamilton Astronomical Society

As a small society, we encourage you to be involved and active and share the joy of telescopes, the

company of like-minded people, and the running of the society.

The society has members interested in visual observing, astrophotography, making telescopes, public

science education and learning about astronomy in general. We are generally not experts in space

science, and really just enjoy being able to discuss our interests, collaborate on projects, and share in

the joy of exploring the night sky. Please feel welcome and included, and ask lots of questions. We

are all in this together and like to be able to answer questions from beginners in space discovery,

through to talking over new or challenging concepts and discoveries.

Monday Society Nights

We meet as a society at 7:30pm on the first Monday of each month (except January), to discuss society

business, listen to a guest speaker, watch a space-related video, do a bit of observing if the weather is

kind etc. The evenings are generally informal and relaxed.

Remember – even if the skies are not clear, come along to learn about and discuss astronomy and the


Public Nights (free for members)

The society has a public outreach night on the first Wednesday of each month (except January). This

involves an educational talk on space, and weather permitting, lots of observing. The nights begin at

8:30pm during daylight savings time, and 7:30pm for the remaining months.

The society always needs volunteers to help with the telescopes, controlling anywhere from 10 to 100

people on the nights, speakers, and people to answer questions. These nights are a lot of fun to be

involved in and are a great way to give back to our community in education and sharing of our interests.

It is very rewarding when you see people look at a planet for the first time through a telescope! It’s

also a good way for members new to observing to gain some knowledge from the more experienced


And again, you can still learn about the Universe even if the weather is not suitable for telescope



The Society has a small library with books on stars, planets, telescope making etc. for members to use.

Website & Facebook

Our website was upgraded in 2018 – take a look: https://has.org.nz/

There is a member’s only area for which you will need a password. The password is octantis

Please do not share the password as it is for HAS members only.

Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/hasnz/

or, just go to Facebook and search for Hamilton Astronomical Society.

New Year Barbecue

On the first Society night of the year in February we like to begin the year with a social gathering. We

meet at 6:30pm on this evening and members are encouraged to bring food for a shared meal.

Generally, people bring some salads, meat, and a glass of wine or a beer to begin the year, with the

meeting formally starting at 7:30pm.


Most Society members enjoy observing the night sky. The Society has a number of telescopes which

we use for Society night observing, for public nights. Members are also encouraged to organise

observing groups, attend dark sky weekends and camps etc. We often have members attending events

organised around the country, so if you are interested in attending or organising an evening of

observing, make it known to other members.

This Society is your society; use it, take from it what you will, and give back to it what you can!

Kind Regards

Jonathan Park


Hamilton Astronomical Society